About Civic Education for Participation "CEFP"

Civic Education for Participation is a Civic and Political Education Program that aims at enhancing awareness regarding effective Civic and political participation of citizens. The program works on developing various knowledge products and tools and make them available in a user-friendly feasible way which contributes to enhancing citizens effective and active participation in their country.

The program started in Egypt in 2012 through setting up an academic framework for different knowledge products about civic and political education with a special focus on youth. Through the cooperation with Egyptian academics and experts who are pillars in their fields, 6 modules cirriculums for 6 main subjects were developped. The six modules are, Democracy developped by Professor AbdelMonem Almashat, Media developped by Professor Bassiuony Hamada, Public Policy and Local Adminstration developed by professor Saleh Abdelrheem, Active Participation developed by Professor Raafat Radwan and Economics and Budgeting developed by Mr. Mohamed Refaat.

The program also worked on developing a methodology that would introduce the cirriculums of the 6 modules in a user-friendly way through partnership with Egyptian partners from civil society to develop a form of condense course-based school. Those schools present the 6 modules developped by the program through a condense educational course of around 108 hours of in-class activities plus 48 hours of out-of class activities. Each school is usually implemented in partnership with a civil society organization and the number of trainees range between 30-35 per each school. The target group are youth from the age 20-35, around university level and above and the schools usually take into consideration gender equality among trainees. Since 2012 till now, the schools were implemented in Cairo and Menofeya with different names, starting 2016, the steering committee decided that the whiole program will be presented under the name "Civic Education for Participation" while keeping products produced under old names.

Every year, an Annual Gathering takes place where all contributers to the program are gathered whether alumni, trainers, academics, experts and national implementing organizations. These annual gathering have been an important opportunity for networking among different stakeholders, following up on their projects and achievements, in addition to enhancing discussions regarding new visions for developing the program.

In 2015, the program started developing a new component which is e-learning through establishing the website of the Civic Education for Participation program that provides various services. The cirriculum of the 6 modules have been uploaded on the website as an open accessible source of knowledge for Arabic-speaking entities and individuals with interest in civic and political education. In addition, a group of user-friendly video clips were produced in cooperation with a group of Egyptian academics and experts in their fields that tried to present the main subjects tackled in the 6 cirriculums through a simple, easy, user-friendly method. Those video clips are also available for different entities and individuals to watch and download, they can be found in the section titled "e-learning". The website also provides a platform for constant communication and networking among the alumni, implementating partners and DEDI through the FORUM section.

Through its different componnets, and constant communication and meetings with different partners and stakeholders, the program works on constant developments to continue its contribution to the update and development of knowledge and tools related to citizens awareness raising regarding Civic and political education.

The Civic Education for Participation Program was established in 2012 through cooperation between the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI), The Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD), and the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD). A number of Egyptian civil society organizations have partiicpated in implementing the schools part of the program.

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