Netherlands Institute For Multiparty Democracy

 The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), was founded in 2000 by seven Dutch political parties, in order to assist the deepening and consolidation of young political systems, by working with political parties in partner countries.

 Its representatives are members of the Civic Education for Participation Steering Committee, which funds, monitors and oversees the implementation of the program in Egypt.

  NIMD’s identity: A unique selling point

 The NIMD example has been an inspiration for political leaders seeking to work together and engage in constructive political dialogue, especially in countries where the political environment is highly polarized and little trust exists between politicians and political parties. NIMD’s multiparty background provides it with the legitimacy to work, on an impartial basis, with leaders across the political spectrum in partner countries as they undergo politically sensitive reform processes.

NIMD’s guiding principles

  • Impartiality: NIMD’s approach is non-partisan. They are not affiliated with one specific 
political denomination, and work with all parties across the political spectrum. 

  • Inclusiveness: NIMD provides a platform for discussion for both ruling and opposition parties. All parties take part in dialogue on issues of national interest with an equal 

  • Diversity NIMD: encourages the equal participation of marginalized and minority groups. 
It empowers representatives of these groups to take part in process and dialogue surrounding policy-making. 

  • Long-term commitment:Political transformation, building trust and strengthening 
political parties takes time. Therefore NIMD invests in long-lasting relationships with its local partners and political parties. 
NIMD has developed a unique set of instruments with which to work: facilitation of interparty dialogue, strengthening the policy seeking capacity of political parties, stimulating peer learning, and the fostering of political education.

Through the Civic Education for Participation Program, NIMD has been active in the field of political education in Egypt since 2012.

To learn more about NIMD and its work, please visit their website at the following url: