The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) is an intergovernmental body with a strong dialogue mandate under the Danish Arab Partnership Program (DAPP). Established in 2004 as a joint mission of the Egyptian and Danish Foreign Ministries, DEDI’s core mandate as a center of excellence is to promote political and cultural understanding between Denmark and Egypt, and Europe and the wider Arab World. As detailed in the agreement upon which DEDI was established, Dialogue Expertise cuts across all its activities, and as such, features prominently in all its work, whether in the form of conferences, seminars and publications, or as mainstay of its various projects and programs.

 Its representatives are members of the Civic Education for Participation program Steering Committee, which funds, monitors and oversees the implementation of the program in Egypt. Moreover, as the only member of the Steering Committee with “boots on the ground” it plays an important role in the direct supervision of project activities, identification and resolution of challenges faced, and the implementation, facilitation or coordination of project-related tasks and events.

  DEDI’s Dialogue mandate in Egypt

 DEDI’s dialogue expertise is nurtured through networking activities with similar dialogue institutes, and is captured in publications on lessons learned in dialogical practice and methodologies. In systematizing lessons learned, developing methodologies and disseminating insights on how to work with dialogue, DEDI draws not only on its own experiences but also on those of our partners, most notably among them the wide range of Arab and Danish partners working with dialogue under DAPP.

 DEDI’s comparative advantages in dialogue competence and its unique intergovernmental status allow for a broad scope of governmental and civil society partnerships to be brought together. Due to its location in Cairo, DEDI has a particular comparative advantage when it comes to nurturing networks and long-term partnerships on a daily basis.

 Responding to demands for input and facilitation as well as contacts from both Egyptians and Danes, DEDI acts as a bridge builder for Egyptian and Danish partners’ cooperation, It builds long-lasting networks and stimulates cooperation between Egyptian and Danish partners with mutual interests and shared challenges, and performs the important task of facilitating and extending these long-term partnerships by providing insight on the Egyptian and Danish scenes. DEDI continuously expands its scope by reaching out to new partners aiming at involving broad segments of both societies.


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