The most distinguished essays in the youth essays contest

Civic Education is a process that imparts a set of values and principles related to citizenship and effective participation, which empowers citizens with skills that enable them to actively participate in their society on different levels, politically, socially and economically. It enhances certain values like dialogue, respect and understanding. In order to encourage Egyptian youth to learn more about this concept, CEFP hold a youth essays contest on How to enhance Civic Education in Egypt. The contest revealed a big number of Egyptian talented young writers, and introduced locally produced knowledge on Civic Education, in the form of beautiful writings.

The winning and the most distinguished essays:

Akram Emam - Civic Education: The Art of Putting the Missing Puzzle Piece

Souad Abu Ghazy - Civic education begins with the closing of gifted students classrooms

Hadeer Amgad - Essay Contest for Youth: Education for participation

Mahmoud Bakr Abdel Azim - How to be a Citizen?

Mohamed Karam Ibrahim - Civic Education and the mores/traditions of immortality

Hussein El Sayed Ali - Civic education theorising or application, a course requirement or a life requirement?

Hamdi Ahmed Hassan - Achieving civic education through the educational process

Samar Mamdouh Saad Ibrahim - Fostering civic upbringing-related education in Egypt

Mohmed EbrahimTeleb - Youth Essay Competition

Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Salam

MahmoudEbraheem Mubarak - Citizenship .. From an Idea to Application

Nash’at Maher Abou El-ola - How to Enhance the Education Related to Civil Education in Egypt

Noha Hassan Mohammad Al-nahhas - Civil Education in Egypt: The Present’s Weapon to Confront the Future

Huda Tareq Yahia Zakarea

Hisham Ahmed Ashraf El-Kashef - Civic upbringing: the starting point of development plan